Now you can listen to “movie theater” surround sound on your own headphones — no special equipment or decoders required.  It works on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Just plug in your headphones, and click on the audio player above, right here on our homepage:  Isthmus (12.1 HPS SURROUND).  “The Isthmus” was specially composed and mixed for us by David James Nielsen in this amazing new audio format.

This represents a pioneering effort by Safe Harbor Pictures to heighten your enjoyment of our tall ships programming, which will ultimately all be delivered via the web in this format. You’ll experience thirteen (“12.1”) discrete channels of sound — in front of you, behind, to the sides and above you — which together create a truly immersive experience.

The realism and dimension this technology provides is stunning. It’s like having the very best home theater surround unfold inside your head — no rooms, wires, speakers, (or parents) necessary — free for anyone with headphones!

We at Safe Harbor Pictures are proud to be among the first to present 12.1 HPS (Headphone Personal Surround) for everyone.

Enjoy!  And share with your friends.